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Attar Al Has

ATTAR AL HAS (Scent of the Senses) was the illuminated inscription in that dream. Then when I passed on a YELLOW SPLASH with Anatolian ROSE in my hands, to WONDERFUL TONKA and from there to LIBERTY'S WAY. And then a Golden Ice (GOLDEN ICE) seemed to flow through my blood while I was coming into contact with My Magic (MY MAGIC). An EXQUISITE magic, which made the Wheels in my hands Burn (SPICE ROSE), my Flowers come out through scented Hookah Tobacco (FLEUR DE TABAC) and Leather (LEATHER EFFECTO) and my Skin Clearer than ever (SKINMUSK). In front of that GOLD SUNSET, as I was reading KAMITHRAA I found PASSION OUD lost in the apstras flying Metallic (METALLIC OUD) aspects of it. And then I saw him.... He was traversing a new road, with steady step, with a thousand scents in his breeze, until he disappeared from my sight...... by V.P.  Niche perfumes

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