The science of sensations Six fragrances Extrait de Parfum

The Philosophy

The vital force of water, as defined by its continuos flow, meets the passion of those who love perfume and have elected the sense of smell as an essential life choice.

“In rivers, the water you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes”

Leonardo da Vinci

Olfattology pays homage to the vital force of water, individuating in its incessant, energetic and mystical flow a metaphor of our lives, able to strongly go beyond unexpected obstacles. Smell is like water, free fleeting entities, hard to stem.

An exclusive collection, six fragrances dedicated to unforgettable rivers, evocative waterfalls and lakes. Creations which involve the soul, olfactory memories imbued with emotions.

The sinuosity of shapes, softened by the endless work of the water, defines the elements of the brand, giving refinement and elegance.