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Rosina Perfumery is pleased to present, exclusively in Greece, Parfums M.Micallef. This special niche brand was founded in 1996 in Grasse, the world capital of perfumes. It began passionately through the alchemy between Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman and moved onto the canvas of "Art and Perfume". The M. Micallef name has been recognized by a particularly demanding clientele, as Artisans and House of Art, in more than 75 countries, which host its 900 luxury stores, including the luxurious Micallef mono Brand Boutiques. We'll let the beautiful, flowery Ananda guide us, GNTonic in hand, through the Ylang in Gold of the Micallef garden, tucking into the pockets of Note Vanilée, as she journeys to the Red Colorado of her dreams. All the way she'll be washing down her DesirToxic bulimia in a Royal Muska. But don't be fooled when you hear her say: Edenfalls, because she will be dreaming in Pure Extreme state, the decadence of Paradise, so that she can open her own Osaito undisturbed. Review by V.P. Niche perfu

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