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Bois 1920

The niche Italian perfume line Bois 1920 although a modern establishment harkens back indeed to 1920 and the small company founded by Guido Galardi, a passionate entrepreneur who followed his nose into the creative universe of perfumery . Soon he opened the Bottega Italiana Spigo in Florence, a refuge for perfume lovers from all over the region. Unfortunately however his vision came to an abrupt end, skipping a generation, when his own son, Renato, chose to follow a different business path. But the grandson, Enzo Galardi, drawn by the world of essences began to study perfume structure, entering the business in 1985 and finally founding Niche perfumes Bois 1920 in 2005 as homage to his grandfather’s masterful creations, reinterpreted for modern audiences using only the finest raw materials, for a chic line of distinctive, stylish fragrances.

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