Isabey of 20 rue de la Paix, Paris France. Company established in 1924 by Maurice Loewe (with financing from the Rothschild family) as Societe Parisienne d'Essences Rares et Parfums, known to the public as Le Parfums d'Isabey.

The boutique was located at 20 rue de la Paix, Paris. Other sources report that Isabey was originally from Spain. Also, it is interesting to note that some of the perfumes launch dates are earlier than the 1924 Parisian establishment date, which may support the earlier establishment in Spain. The company was named after early 19th century painter Louis Gabriel Eugene Isabey.

The company conveyed the image of long-established, refined French artistry. Because they were well-financed, the company had all the earmarks of success: only the highest-quality perfumes with luxurious presentations and a most splendid shop. The company won first prize at the Art Deco Paris Exhibition, not too shabby for a company that was barely a year old. So great was their success that they had considerable exports to the USA.