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Perris Monte Carlo Patchouli Nosy Be EDP 50ml


Head: Lemon
Heart: Shinus Molle
Base: Patchouli Nosy Be Essential Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Ceder Wood, Amber, Sandalwood


Patchouli Nosy Be EDP 50ml

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  • “A handful of pearls thrown into the ocean: the description of the archipelago to which Nosy Be belongs might have been written by Conrad, the great writer on maritime themes. The sea has brought different peoples here, blending languages, colourful costumes and customs. Even patchouli is a new arrival. The island welcomed and enriched it with a myriad of other perfumes”.

    On Nosy Be, 8 miles north-west of Madagascar, enchanting fragrances permeate the island air, welcoming travellers with the heady scent of Ylang Ylang flowers. It is in the shade of this shelter-giving plant that the wonderful story of Nosy Be Patchouli begins. Grown in India, Malaysia and Myanmar, Patchouli thrives in the undergrowth away from direct sunlight. It has acclimatised well to the thick vegetation of Nosy Be, thanks to the efforts of growers who love and respect their land. Nature has rewarded them: Nosy Be Patchouli is simply fabulous, with hints of Bitter Chocolate and Sandalwood.

    The first to build a formula around it, we are delighted to share the happiness of this truly unique place through our fragrance.

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