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Stephane Humbert Lucas 

Panthea  50ml


“The scent of Heaven”

Panthea stands for the Persian Goddess of all things.

A pure being that inspired Stephane Humbert Lucas to create a white fragrance made with white raw materials.



Bergamot - Pink Berry - White Tea

Iris Absolute - Jasmine - Violet

White Musk - Tonka bean - Sandalwood

Panthea EDP 50ml

  • Like a Cleopatra milk bath, the fragrance is exquisitely creamy and soapy with notes of Sandalwood, White Musk and Iris.

    The impression of whiteness is sublimated by a delicate Jasmine and a subtle White Tea.

    A fragrance for angels and Goddesses that walk among us, or those that simply glow with the aura of purity.

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