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Perris Monte Carlo Neroli Mediterraneo EDP 50ml


Head: Sicilian Bitter Orange, Sicilian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot
Heart: Ginger, Geranium Absolute, Neroli Italy, Orange Blossom Absolute, Petitgrain, Pepe Timur
Base: Cedarwood, Iris, Musk

Neroli Mediterraneo EDP 50ml

  • Neroli Mediterraneo is the new olfactory journey of Perris Monte Carlo dedicated to Neroli, the precious essence obtained from the distillation of the orange blossom. Kissed by the sun, caressed by the wind, nourished by the earth, quenched by the sea. The Perfume Neroli Mediterraneo by Perris Montecarlo immediately reveals the sumptuous citrus and floral character of Neroli, coming from the sunny coasts of Calabria and made even more sparkling thanks to a rich mix of citrus fruits: Bitter Orange from Sicily, Mandarin from Sicily and Bergamot from Calabria. Its freshness reveals in the heart the most multifaceted nuances, from the sunny and flowery notes of the Orange Blossom Absolute and Petitgrain, to the sparkling accord composed of Ginger and Timur Pepper, up to the most velvety and mysterious notes of the Absolute of Geranium. The base becomes soft and elegant thanks to the notes of Cedarwood, Iris and Musk.


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