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Xerjoff K Collection

HOLYSM Parfum  50ml


Holysm takes its name from the holistic belief that the universe and living nature are interconnected, existing as a whole.

A sensual and strikingly beautiful scent, Holysm’s green top notes of clary sage, thyme and fir balsam invigorate and regenerate, leading to rich nuances of tobacco, cedar wood and labdanum absolute.

Patchouli, oud and sandalwood carry the perfume to a seductive base of rich warmth.

HOLYSM Parfum 50ml

    • Clary Sage , Thyme , Cade Oil, Fir Balsam
    • Cedarwood, Tobacco , Labdanum Absolute , Caraway
    • Patchouli, Oud From Vietnam , Sandalwood
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