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Cinnamon, Orange & Peppermint



Reality is the state of things as they exist, fantasy is an idealistic notion of them. 

Escapist represents a more perfect union between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It blends delicate but vivid cinnamon with lush almond, opulent grapefruit, pulpy bitter orange and sun-kissed oranges with wintergreen peppermint.  

– Escapist is the essence of Selahatin. I want people to use Selahatin and forget about reality and whatever everyday stuff's going on and be taken to this magical fantasy place for a moment. To me, that’s what Escapist represents says founder Kristoffer Vural.



    • 1100 ppm fluoride

    • Made in Switzerland

    • Contains antioxidants

    • Housed in alu tubes (recycles endlessly)

    • Contains antioxidants

    • Vetted by The Swedish Dental Association

    • Vegan/Cruelty free

    • Dermatologically tested

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