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A Lab On Fire

Eau d'Ipanema


Size: 60ml
Perfumer: Jean-Marc Chaillan

I swing so cool and sway so gentle on my daily walk to the corner store. Exhaust mixed with salty air. Paradise next to pavement. Pick up a bottle of coke, some oranges and head to the sand. Tans darkening next to aqua water, red umbrellas for miles. A kid bikes by with a boombox strapped to his handles, leaving the lingering scent of a beat. This is summer in Rio. How can I tell you I love you, Brazil?


Top~ pineapple, bergamot, red fruits, mango, pink pepper
Mid~ orange blossom, Tunisia LMR water, jasmine, freesia, neroli
Dry~ creamy accord, vanilla, musk


Olfactive Family
Citrus fruity

Tropical, radiant

Eau d'Ipanema

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