Capri Forget Me Not shower gel 200ML

Carthusia Capri Forget Me Not

  • Capri Forget Me Not - Never Forget Capri - Never Forget the Perfume of Capri - Never Forget Carthusia: it's the chosen name for the new black-and-white sketch theme line from Carthusia.
    Capri Forget Me Not is a magnificently perfumed bath and shower gel made from fig, mint and vanilla essences.
    Following the sketch theme that runs throughout the product line, the drawing on the bottle portrays the act of showering under a fig tree.
    The final packaging features the Gel Doccia enfolded in an all handmade white linen sachet.


Address: Giannitsopoulou 6, Glyfada, 16674, Athens, Greece


Tel: +302130232875

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